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We are happy to present you the newest and freshest streaming site: AZMovies. As the name suggests, we are offering all kinds of movies from all years and genres. We started this website a short time ago but we are very excited to see how many people are already visiting us in order to get their free movies and series in HD quality. Initially we focused only on movies but after we managed to upload a big quantity of films in such a short period, we knew it was time to also start posting tv shows so more people could find their favorite content on AZMovies. Our website is very friendly, easy to use and having a big collection of movies and series can make it become your favorite source of online streaming. Below is the list with the main reasons why AZMovies is the best free streaming website and why you should always choose it and trust us, you won't regret.

  • User friendly interface. AZMovies is using a custom design theme made especially for this kind of streaming platform. We are using beautiful colors, action buttons placed in accessible positions and cool features that makes this website to be very easy to use even for people who never visited a free streaming site before.
  • Best watching experience. Thanks to our design and the non-affiliate third party who provides our video players, we managed to have this combo that makes our website to be perfect for the people who are looking for the best place where they can watch their favorite movies and series in good quality for free.
  • HD quality. As we said previously, part of the best watching experience is the quality who is always great on AZMovies. We have high quality standards here and we are not publishing any movies and episodes with bad quality because we don't want to disappoint our visitors. Only the latest released movies are in CAM quality for a few days until the better version is released.
  • Fast loading. These days you don't have to wait for a movie to load anymore. We are using only fast loading video players so you can have the greatest experience. Just click the big play button and the movie will start automatically without interruptions even if you haven't waited at all. That's how it works now.
  • Subtitles. The main language of AZMovies is English so 99% of the movies and series published here are dubbed in English. Because there are also good productions which are dubbed in other languages, we have published them with suitable English subtitles so our visitors can enjoy them.
  • Free without registration. AZMovies started as a free website and we promise you that it will be free forever. Also, besides the fact that it's free, you don't have to create an account in order to watch movies and shows on our website. However, you can still register if you want to enjoy some extra features or to post comments but this is not mandatory for the viewing process.
  • Categories and filters. AZMovies is one of the most organized and well structured streaming sites. Our database includes around 60.000 episodes and 15.000 movies and this requires, in fact, a lot of filters and tags such as genres, year, country, network, actors, director and also the content is filtered like Top Rated, Most Viewed and Top IMDb. All this structure is useful when you are looking for a specific movie or serie and also when you need some inspiration because you don't know what to view tonight.
How can you help AZMovies

AZMovies is a free website and that's how it will continue to be until the end. We are offering probably the biggest database of movies and series for free and we are not asking from anything in return from our visitors. You can only give us a little help if you bookmark our website so you can access it faster next time, without searching for it on Google because the search results are very unstable and you might not found it there next time so it will be better if you save it. Another way of helping us is to share AZMovies on your social media accounts so your friends will find out about this website. Thank you!